12 Plugins to Speed Up WordPress Website

It’s a very useful list of plugins that speeds up your WordPress powered website. Thanks to Hongkiat for compiling such a great list. Improving the performance of your WordPress websites without hacking into the PHP, JavaScript and databases, all those technical boring stuff, how nice would that be?

Here is the complete list:

  1. Autoptimize *
  2. Compress JPEG & PNG Images *
  3. Kraken Image Optimizer
  4. BJ Lazy Load *
  5. WP-Sweep * – sounds very nice but will definitely test out carefully before applying onto the live website.
  6. Above the Fold Optimization *
  7. WP Optimize by xTraffic
  8. Google Webfont Optimizer
  9. Simple Revision Delete
  10. Scripts to Footer
  11. WordPress Instant Articles
  12. Disqus Conditional Load – ignore if you are not using Disqus Commenting System.

* Must-Check ones that you don’t want to miss out.

//via Hongkiat

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