The 2-in-1 Cable for both Micro USB and Lightning without an Adapter

I use an iPhone but I also have devices that use MicroUSB. So what I ended up carrying in my backpack is a Power Bank and a short 0.5″ MicroUSB cable with a Lightning adapter attached to it.


While it works great, it’s still not as convenient and cool as the one without an adapter, like this one listed in the KickStarter.

LMcable _ The world's first IOS & Android Common Connector by LMcable — Kickstar - 2016-03-03 22_37_29

LMcable combines the function of lightning and micro USB together into one simple and innovative connector. You can use it just simply like you use the common charging cable. One side of the connector is for device with lightning port (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.) Another side of the connector is for device with micro USB port (Android phone, external charger, etc.)

Just like the creator claims, this is the only charging cable I will ever need. Thank you.

And if you also want one, you have until March 30 to back the project and put an order in for your LMCable, which is currently selling below market retail price.

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