4 Extensions to Block Websites on Chrome

There are other ways to block websites on your computer. For example, you can modify the hosts file on Windows to redirect them to nowhere. Or, use a specified DNS server that has the parental control built-in. But if you want to block websites on the browser level, Google Chrome in specific, here are 4 extensions that you can use to do it.

Personal Blocklist (by Google)

Made by Google, Personal Blocklist extension lets you block sites right from the Google search result. Once installed, it adds an option below each of your Google Search results to block the domain of that search result. Click it and that domain will no longer appear in your search result.

To manage the blocked site, click the Personal Blocklist extension icon in the Chrome toolbar and you will see all the blocked sites there.

Block Site

Block site extension lets you manually add sites to the block list and they will be blocked automatically. The nice thing about Block site is that you can lock it down with a password so your kids won’t be able to go in and unblock the sites you put in there.

Once installed, click the Block site extension icon on the Chrome toolbar and choose Options to open up the extension’s settings page. Then you can start adding websites you want to block. And you can also set up the redirection to the sites you block as well. Once all set, go to Uninstall Protection and set a password to lock it down.


StayFocused extension blocks websites by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on them. You can specify the days StayFocused will restrict your browser activity along with the time you can spend on time-wasting websites. You can also create a list of blocked or allowed websites in extension’s Options page. There is even a Nuclear option that you can use to restrict access to any blocked website even if you have not crossed the time limit.


tinyFilter is a light-weight and FREE web content filtering application which monitors browser activities and blocks inappropriate or offensive content. It also provides password to unlock the filtering function so it will definitely keeps your family member especially your kids safe while surfing the internet.

Click Options to open the extension’s Settings page where you can manually add or remove websites and Enable Password Protection when needed.


There you go. Use one or two of these extensions you have better control over your browse to provide a better parental control to your kids or use it for yourself to improve your productivity. They are also good choices for those who use Chromebook laptops.

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