5 Best Web-based Internet Radio Apps

When it comes to internet radio apps, there is no shortage of them at all. It’s just too many to choose from if you ever want one, whether for your mobile device, tablet, or just simply used on web browser. It’s actually quite difficult to easily nail one down that works well for you.

Here are 5 web-based ones that I definitely recommend if you are out looking for one that works through your web browser.


As #1 music streaming service on the market right now, how can we miss it? Most of us know to use its desktop app or mobile apps to access its service. But do you know that you can also just use its web-based version as well? It’s just the same as the desktop version, the same quality too.

Url: https://play.spotify.com/browse

Spotify Web Player - Spotify - 2015-11-04 16_01_15


A new Spotify-like music streaming service. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s pretty cool and stable.

Url: http://www.rdio.com/

Home – Rdio - 2015-11-04 16_11_10

6 Seconds

It’s mostly aiming for the best free mobile music experience. It has apps for both iOS and Android platform but does have a web version that you can try it on a PC with a web browser.

Url: http://radiosearchengine.com/

Radio Search Engine - 2015-11-04 16_19_01

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio has been around for a long time. It’s the first radio app that gets installed on my first iPhone. Surprisingly, it’s still managed to stay there even now. Its service is just keeping getting better.

It has apps that cover all major computer platforms, including web browser.

Url: http://tunein.com/

TuneIn Radio - 2015-11-04 16_25_23


It’s the type of radio app built only for geeks. Why? Because it’s a command-line based radio app that’s so geeky and surprisingly delightful. Imaging, type a command like “play jazz” and start listening to jazz music right out of the browser. How cool is that?

Url: http://cmd.fm

cmd.to - 2015-11-04 16_31_04

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