Backspace Functionality Returns Home as An Extension in Chrome

In most browsers, including Microsoft Edge, the backspace key functions as what the name of the key implies, take you back to a previous web page. It used to be an option in old versions of Chrome as well but not anymore since Chrome 52. Google thinks that “Many people lost their progress while working online by accidentally pressing backspace and leaving a page”, so they chose to remove it. To me, it actually makes sense.

But for those who are used to this feature and would like to have the same user experience across all browsers they use, you can have this back with the help of an extension released by Google.

Go Back with Backspace

Go Back with Backspace is a Chrome extension that does exactly what it’s called. It re-enables the backspace key as a back navigation button, except if you are in writing mode. It’s a pretty simple and straightforward extension. Simply add it to your Chrome and you are all set to go. Once installed, you will see an icon like this showing in the extension bar, indicating that you have the Go Back with Backspace extension installed.

Go Back with Backspace Extension Chrome

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