Bring Back Google Inbox to Gmail

With most of the features migrated over to Gmail, Google killed Google Inbox the same day they celebrated Gmail’s 15th birthday on April 1, 2019. Well, a lot of people wept about the loss and still miss Google Inbox’s simplicity.

While you can’t really bring it back on your phone, someone actually made a Chrome Extension that brings Inbox’s simplicity right on your desktop.

That someone is Michael Leggett, Gmail’s lead designer from 2008 to 2012 and co-founder of Google Inbox. With the desire to bring the simplified email experience to Gmail, he wrote a Chrome extension called Simplify Gmail and has made it available on Chrome Web Store for anyone to use.

Simply go to the extension page, add it to your Chrome, refresh Gmail and enjoy.

The extension is mostly written in CSS with a little JavaScript to apply the CSS. So there are no trackers, no data sharing, and certainly no ads whatsoever. Best of all, all the codes are shared on Github, feel free to check out.

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