Chrome Quick Tip: Switching Profiles with Keyboard Shortcut

If you have several user profiles set up in Chrome and need to switch them back and forth during the day, you may find this quick tip useful.

First of all, press Ctrl + Shift + M to open up the Chrome Profile Switcher.

Chrome Profile Switcher

Use the down arrow key to highlight the “Switch person” button and press Enter. The profile selection window opens up. Then use the left/right arrow keys to select the profile you want to open and press Enter. A new Chrome window opens up with the selected user profile signed in automatically.

Google Chrome - 2016-03-20 22_54_25

If you are using a Mac computer, use Command + Ctrl + M combination key instead to open up the Chrome Profile Switcher.

If you are looking for an even quick way on Windows to open up a specific Chrome Profile, create that profile specific Chrome desktop shortcut, pin it to the Taskbar and use the Win + [number] keyboard shortcut to quickly launch it. For example, if the Chrome profile shortcut was the number 5 pinned icon on the Taskbar, pressing Win + 5 will quickly launch that Chrome profile.

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