How To Enable Profile Management and Password Protect Profiles in Chrome

Here is how it works when it’s enabled.

When you need to close Chrome, instead of clicking the X to close the browser, you click the user icon and choose Exit and childlock.

When you open Chrome next time, you will have to enter your Google account password to get in.

That’s right. Your profile in Chrome will be protected by your own Google account password. It sounds like a good idea getting your own profile protected in Chrome. So let’s see how to set it up.

First of all, let’s create a supervised user. Click the user icon in Chrome to bring up the user menu, select¬†Manage People.¬†And then go to Add Person.

Given a name, check the option “Supervise this person to control and view the website…“, and pick a user from the list. Then click Save button to create the Supervise user profile.

Then, go to the following Chrome Flags page.


Enable the flag called New Profile Management.

And relaunch the browser.

And you are all set.

Two things worth noting, though:

  1. It only works with the Gmail accounts but not those Google accounts with other email domains and Google Apps.
  2. You can set up multiple profiles with your Gmail addresses. They will be locked automatically by the same method.

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