Fast or Slow

Wordfence, the one behind the popular WordPress security plugin, launched a speed test site that tests your website speed in browser simulations from 13 locations around the world and delivers actionable result you can use to increase your website’s performance.

Unlike other popular speed test tools like Google PageSpeed or GTmetrix, is the first and only free website speed test in the world to test sites simultaneously, from multiple geographic locations, and give you real-world performance results based on actual browser simulations.

It audits the site with runs on the timings, sizes, and other aspects of loading the website, indicating when something is in a good state or reveal issues that may affect performance and can be improved.

What’s the most impressive is its geographic simulations, with a map that displays each of the locations the website was profiled from. Each file fetched for the site is displayed on the map at the approximate geographic location it’s hosted at and is connected to any profiling location that loaded it. Files are colored based on whether they were fast, average, or slow to load.

It also shows additional details about each location, First CPU Idle time, First Meaningful Paint, Round-Trip Time, etc.

Overall, Fast Or Slow is an interesting speed testing tool that could be useful when a website’s location performance is important.

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