How To Fix Out-of-Sync Subtitles in VLC Player

Subtitles exist for a reason. People have various reasons why they need them and the last thing they want, other than non-exist is the out-of-sync subtitle that displays either too fast or too slow.

With the great resource from Internet, it’s not difficult to locate the subtitle for your media. There are many ways of doing so but this app called Sublight┬áthat’s quite standing out. It is very popular and easy to use application for automatic searching and downloading subtitles for your movies and TV series.

Sublight 5 - Free (limited functionality) - 2016-01-14 00_08_54

It’s also extremely easy to use. Simply drop the media file onto the tool and it will do all the searches for you based on the file you dropped. Then double-click the subtitle you want and it will download the file and play along with the media right after. You will then find soon enough whether the subtitle you downloaded matches exactly as your media or is out of the sync.

If unfortunately it’s way out of the line, you can either go back to the Sublight app and find another subtitle to try out or try the following trick if you are using the awesome free VLC media player.

Click Tools from the menu bar in VLC and choose Track Synchronization. The Adjustments and Effects dialog box pops up.

The Man in the High Castle S01E10 - VLC media player - 2016-01-14 00_17_03

Under Subtitle/Video section, adjust the time in seconds for Subtitle track synchronization. The sync changes in real time so you can see if the subtitle matches the show as you change. If it’s too slow, type in a negative number. Or, put in a positive number if it’s too fast. Either way, you will need to be a little patient to adjust the out-of-sync issue and you will make it right eventually and then enjoy the show.

Adjustments and Effects - 2016-01-14 00_25_11

As you can see, you can also adjust the out-of-sync Audio under Audio/Video section as well if you run into the problem in one of your media files.

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