How To Change New Tab Icon Position on Chrome

By default, the New Tab (Plus) icon is located on the right side of the last live tab. Usually it’s unchangeable but Google’s undergoing some experiments to allow you to re-position this icon to a different place.

Since it’s an experimental feature, you can only change it through a new flag setting called New Tab button position. Go to the following Chrome link that takes you right to the setting.


And change one of the 4 pre-defined positions from the drop-down menu.

The 4 positions that are available for now:

  • Opposite caption buttons
  • Leading
  • After tabs
  • Trailing
Opposite caption buttons

These two looks identical to me but they might behave differently in real life. I will keep my eyes on it and see what real differences are.

After Tabs (Default)

I actually like the Trailing option a lot. May stick with it for a while.

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