How To Completely Block Microsoft Edge From Running in Windows 10

Microsoft Edge is a decent browser that offers not only fast browsing experience but some cool new features as well. Yes, it’s still very spartan, has some privacy concerns about its private browsing mode, and is certainly not a competitor to¬†either Google Chrome and Firefox. But still you shouldn’t completely write it off, just yet.

However, if you are stubborn on removing it from Windows 10, read on.

Since Edge is the default browsing app on Windows 10, it cannot be removed or uninstalled like other universal apps that come with Windows 10. The easiest way is to utilize a 3rd party utility to fulfill the job to block it from running. Edge Blocker is one of those tools made just for that mission.

It’s a free and portable tool so you can just download and run it. Once launched, if you see the blue line cycling around the blue Edge logo, that means the Edge browser is currently enabled.

Edge Blocker - enable

Clicking Block button will disable Edge browser from running. The line turns red around the grey Edge logo, indicating that the Edge browser is now disabled.

Edge Blocker - disable

Now if you try to launch the Edge browser, you will still see Windows is trying to open the browser like below but eventually it will fail and disappear.

Edge Blocker - trying to open after blocked

Note that Edge is not only the default browser in Windows 10 but also the default app for PDF files as well. So if you decided to block Edge, you will need to set another app as the default app for PDF. Opening PDF in Edge will fail like this.

Edge Blocker - opening pdf

There you have it. Once again, it’s not recommended removing or blocking Edge browser. Try this method only if you are certain Edge is definitely not your thing.

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