How To Export Your Saved Passwords from Chrome

I came across this post titled like this.

At first, wow, warning bell over my head, I better check because I shamelessly use Chrome as my password manager. But not even half way through, I am sort of relived while also feeling time also well wasted.

It’s not really a hack. Rather, it’s a fun way to take a long route to export passwords saved in your Chrome browser. The point is, if someone goes through that much trouble on your computer, you are already screwed. However, it’s probably a good way to practice your Python skill.

Now, seriously, how to export your saved password out of Chrome so you can import it in your real password manager?


Click your avatar on your Chrome tool bar, and the little key icon to open the password page.

Or simply click this link, chrome://settings/passwords.

Then, click the 3 vertical dots icon next to Save Passwords line, and Export Password icon that pops up.

Pick a location and a name of the file, you will have the password sheet in CSV format.

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