How To Integrate Dropbox with Gmail

If you are using both amazing service you would like to have both them linked all together, wouldn’t you? Here is a quick way of doing it, if you are also using Google Chrome.

1. Install Dropbox for Gmail extension for Google Chrome.

2. Gmail automatically opens up with a pop-up in the email compose window indicating that the new feature of attaching file with Dropbox is available.

Gmail with Dropbox

Click Get Started. If you already signed in Dropbox in Chrome, you are all set. If not, a Sign in window pops up. Follow the instruction to sign in Dropbox with your own account.

Sign into Dropbox - 2015-07-27 23_56_22

Once signed in, you can navigate files from your own Dropbox and insert them into your Gmail compose window.

Dropbox with Gmail

Files inserted from Dropbox are shown as links in Gmail. The recipient can click on the link in email to get to the Dropbox website to download the files.

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