How To Re-open A Web Page in Internet Explorer from Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is new but gets all the eyeballs as the new Internet Browser from Redmond. It’s the default browser in Windows 10 and gets the appearance on taskbar by default while Internet Explorer is being buried deep in the Accessories folder. But it’s still there and hasn’t completely dead yet, and can be brought up open legacy web pages.

Heck, Microsoft even made your life easier by placing a bridge right in the Edge that let’s you open a page from Microsoft Edge to Internet Explorer.

If you open a page in Microsoft Edge but don’t see it fits nicely there, click theĀ  button at the top right corner, and then “Open with Internet Explorer” item to open the same page in Internet Explorer.

Edge - open within Internet Explorer

I believe this feature will remain as long as Internet Explorer lives but eventually we will only be seeing one blue e that’s capable of handling all your web surfing needs.

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