How To Tell If Website and Page Works in Microsoft Edge

Let’s say you are developing a website and you want to make sure it works perfectly in all modern web browsers including the new Microsoft Edge. Since you do your develop work on a Linux or Mac computer, how can you test to make sure the website you are developing works fine on Microsoft Edge as well?

That’s when Does It work on Edge becomes very useful.

It’s a web-based application that you can just enter the url of the website or page you want to test out, along with an email address to receive the final report in email.

Does it work in Edge

Click “Start the Free Test Now” button, the web app will start putting your test request into the queue for testing.

Does It Work On Edge_ - 2015-07-22 16_54_49

When it’s your turn, it will start loading the page, take a screenshot of it, and then display the result and send you a copy via email as well.

New notification - 2015-07-22 16_59_33

If there are any issues found on the page, they will be listed under HTML or CSS tab.

It’s a pretty slick tool for testing the pages to see if they fit nicely on the new browser. If you are one of those developers doing your work on a non-Windows platform, you can use this free service to check your work for you.

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