How To Tell Which Tech Stack A Website is Using

If you are a web developer you may always wonder which tech stacks a website is using when came across a site that is either your competitors’ or simply looks great and attractive. SiteStacks got you covered with a free search tool that reveals that info for you.

The tool scans the website you provided and reveals the tech stacks used on that website, from server setup to other valuable info such as analytics platforms, social media tools, advertising tech, email, CMS platform, eCommerce platform, etc.

Head over to its homepage, type in the website’s address in the search box and hit Lookup button to start the search.

Depending on the size of the website you are trying to search, it could take a few minutes to get the result back. When it does, it provides a unique link assigned to that website so you can easily get back to it later on if needed.

Each tech section has a link that links to its technical review page on Siftery, a user-powered tech review site. This lets you read more about the service to learn who’s using it, what it offers, and if you might want to use it yourself.

Through a few tests I threw at it, I can’t tell it covers all tech stacks a website has implemented but pretty close. You can definitely use it as a start point.

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