The List of Flags Settings to Tweak Material Design in Chrome

Google finally brought its Material Design into Chrome version 53 and it looks awesome. If you like the approach, you may want to dive into these hidden settings in the Flags page to have an even better user experience.

Material Design in the browser’s top chrome


Url: chrome://flags/#top-chrome-md

Available options:

  • Default
  • Non-material – to disable the Material Design in Chrome
  • Material
  • Material Hybrid

Default means the Material Design is enabled.

/update on Dec. 15, 2016/

As of version 55, this flag setting has been changed to the following three.

  • Default
  • Normal
  • Touch

There is no flag setting anymore that can disable Material Design in Chrome since version 55. Using a theme seems to be the only way that can get around it.

Material Design in the rest of the browser’s native UI

Url: chrome://flags/#secondary-ui-md

Enabled by default. What it does is to extend the Material Design to the secondary UI, e.g. bubbies, dialogs, etc..

Enable Material Design User Manager

Url: chrome://flags/#enable-material-design-user-manager

When enabled, the Switch person button at the top of the Chrome window launches the new Material Design user manager. Frankly, I tried to enable and disable the settings but wasn’t able to see much differences in between.

Use material design user menu

Url: chrome://flags/#show-material-design-user-menu

When enabled, the desktop user menu will be switched to the material design version with a more intuitive flow. You can switch to the Guest mode very easily with this.


Enable Material Design history

Url: chrome://flags/#enable-md-history

When enabled, the chrome://history/ URL loads the Material Design history page.


Enable Material Design settings

Url: chrome://flags/#enable-md-settings

When enabled, the chrome://settings/ URL loads the Material Design settings page.


Enable Material Design extension

Url: chrome://flags/#enable-md-extensions

When enabled, the chrome://extensions/ URL loads the Material Design extensions page.


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