18 Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts You Need to Know


Just like any other browsers, Microsoft Edge comes with a large set of keyboard shortcuts that boost your browser experience to help you become a better Edge surfer.

Here are 18 of them that are worth remembering, some of which are common ones while some are unique in Edge.

Tab related

1. Ctrl + Tab to jump one tab to the right and Ctrl + Shift + Tab to jump one to the left.

2. Ctrl + Click on a Link to open the link in a new tab. Mouse-middle-click would do the same. What’s more, Ctrl + Shift + Click on a Link opens the link in a new tab and switch to it.

3. Ctrl + W to close the current tab.

4. Ctrl + Shift + T to open a previously closed tab.

5. Ctrl + Shift + N to move the current tab to a new window. This is a new key combination in Edge.

6. Ctrl + K to duplicate the current tab in a new tab. This is also a new one in Edge.

7. Ctrl + Shift + P to start a InPrivate window.

Sidebar (hub) related

8. Ctrl + I to open Favorites

9. Ctrl + M to open Reading List

10. Ctrl + H to open History

11. Ctrl + J to open Downloads

Press Esc to close the sidebar if you haven’t known already.

12. Ctrl + D to save the current page to Favorites or Read List.

Page Navigation Related

13. Ctrl + Shift + L to start a default search of any text copied into the clipboard. The results will open in the same tab.

14. Ctrl + F to open the Find bar to search for a keyword or phrase on the page. Hit Enter to move to the next instance of the search term on the page or Shirt + Enter to the previous instance.

15. Ctrl + plus/minus to Zoom in/out on the current page. Ctrl + 0 (zero) to reset to 100%.

16. Ctrl + Shift + R to enter the reading mode for a clean reading environment.

17. Esc to stop loading the page and F5 (Ctrl + R) to reload the page.

18. Alt + Home to go home.

That’s about it for now. Enjoy Edging your way to the internet.

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