Microsoft Edge: How To Pin Any Website or Web Page to Windows 10 Taskbar

Chrome used to have a feature that can send any app to Windows taskbar as a web app that you can directly launch without opening Chrome browser. I believe it was called “Set as Application” or something like that and I wanted it available in Edge browser for a long while. It finally arrived with the latest build 16215 released to the fast ring for Windows 10 Insiders.

The feature is called Pin this page to Taskbar. The name isn’t the same but it does the same thing. You can always Pin any web page to Start menu but now you can pin it to Taskbar as well.

And here is how you can do it.

Browse to the website or the specific web page you want to pin, click the … menu icon to bring up the Settings panel, then choose¬†Pin this page to taskbar option.

The site or page will be pinned right on the taskbar with the icon set to use website’s favicon by default.

The site pinned on the taskbar this way will only be opened in Edge browser, regardless of what the default browser is. That said, if you want a site pinned on the taskbar be opened in other browsers like Chrome, you will need to pin the site to the taskbar in Chrome way.

Here is how:

Open the website or the specific page in Chrome, click the vertical 3-dot icon, go to More tools, and choose Add to desktop…

Type a name and it will put an URL shortcut on your desktop that opens in Chrome when clicked. Then you can right-click that icon and select “Pin to taskbar” to pin this website to the taskbar. You can also drag the icon and drop it to the taskbar as well.

To unpin the website from the taskbar, right-click the icon on the taskbar and choose Unpin from taskbar.

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