Microsoft Edge: How To Relaunch the Welcome Tips Page

Like other browsers, Microsoft Edge has a Welcome Page that has information about the new changes, tips, and actions you should take to improve your overall browsing experience. The Page is actually called Microsoft Edge Tips. If you go through what’s on that page you may find it’s quite useful and offers some tips you may not know you can do in Edge.

However, It only gets loaded up once when you launch the Edge browser for the first time or after a feature update. So is there any way to open it up again later on to check out those tips and tricks or go over the actions that need my attention?

The answer is yes and it’s super easy. Click the … menu icon and choose Microsoft News and Tips.

If you really like, you can even set the Welcome Tips page as your home page so it opens up every time you open the Edge browser.

Click … menu icon, choose Settings, select “A specific page or pages” from Open Microsoft Edge with, and paste in the following URL.

Can I completely disable it from showing up?

You may ask what if I am getting bored of this page and don’t want to see it ever again in the future. Well, here is a Group Policy setting that you can use to completely disable it from showing up.

Open Group Policy Editor (run gpedit.mscĀ from Run dialog box), browse to the following location:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge

And enable the policy called “Prevent the First Run webpage from opening on Microsoft Edge” on the right pane.


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