Microsoft Edge Tip: How To Automatically Force A Web Page in Reading View

With Microsoft Edge, you don’t need a 3rd party extension or plugin like GetPocket, Instapaper to make that happen for you. It has a Reading View mode built in that turns any web page in a clutter-free mode for better reading.

Simply click the Reading mode icon, and you are off to a better reading environment right in the browser.

But what if the Reading icon is grayed out, indicating the Reading view mode is unavailable at the moment? Like this,

Can I still read the page in Reading View mode? Or better, is there any way to visit a web page in Reading View mode automatically?

Here is a trick that you can try. Prepend read: at the beginning of the URL and Edge will open it up in Reading mode automatically. And it works on any web page, whether the Reading icon is available or not.


The page loads up in reading mode automatically like below.


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