Where is Up Next List in Podcast App and How To Open it on iOS 9 and 10

I follow and listen to a lot of podcasts, and always have a stream of episodes queuing up in what’s called Up Next on my iPhone’s Podcast app. I rely on that list so much to organize what to listen while I am on the road, but I found it can easily get messed up. One of the issues I had with Podcast app on my iPhone was that I wouldn’t be able to find where this Up Next list is on my iPhone and how to keep track of it what’s on it and what I’ve missed.

It’s been bothering me so much that finally, I decided to spend a bit more time to figure this out. So, here is what I found out and hope that will get you enjoy more on your daily podcast routine as well.

1. Open Podcast app and tap the one that’s playing at the bottom of the screen.


2. Then tap the Playlist icon right next to Fast Forward 15 Seconds icon.


3. Now, you are at the secret Up Next list where you can see the list of episodes you’ve added before and that are waiting for serving you at any time.


While you are at the Up Next screen, you can use the hamburger icon next to each episode to re-organize the list. And once finished, tap Done to go back to the previous screen.

I upgraded my iPhone to iOS 10 hoping to get a revamped version of Podcast app, but unfortunately, there are no differences between the one on iOS 9 and on iOS 10. They are just the same app that desperately needs some improvements done for all podcast lovers.

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