How To Print Selected Text in Nice Plain Format in Chrome

With the help of the Simplify page option in Chrome, you can get a nicely formatted printed copy of almost any web page. However, what if you only want to print a portion of the page so you can save papers for something else?

Here is what you can do in Chrome.

On the webpage you want to print, select the content you want to print, press Ctrl + P to bring up the Print dialog panel, then click More settings link.

Chrome - print previe - more settings

And that opens up a few more print options in the Print panel. Check the last option called “Selection only” and see what changes on the screen.

Chrome - print previe - more settings - selection only

You can still use the “Simplify page” to get a simplified print layout if the layout in the preview pane isn’t good enough.

If you are using Gmail in Chrome, using “Selection only” would dramatically improve the print experience in your Gmail emails.

/update on Sept. 4, 2016/

Chrome version 53, which released just a few days ago, hide this “Selection only” in the Print option panel. But here is something you can try.

Same as above, select all the content you want to print, right-click on them and choose “Print…” from the context menu that pops up.

Chrome - Print from the context menu

Then, now if you click the More settings link, you will see the “Selection only” option showed up again.

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