How To Search with Google from Right-Click Context Menu in Microsoft Edge

In Chrome, when you highlight and right-click on a word or phrase you get an option “Search Google for that word/phrase” right from the context menu. It’s a nice feature that Microsoft Edge doesn’t have out of the box. But if you like that option, here is how you can have it.

There is a GitHub open source project called Google-Context-Menu-Edge that you can load in Edge as an extension to get this feature.

Since this is not an official extension available through Windows Store, it needs to be loaded manually. Click … to open the Settings panel, go to Extensions section and see if you have Load extension button available there.


If you don’t see it’s there, go to about:flags page and enable extension developer features there.

Now, let’s load the extension.

First of all, download and extract the extension file to a convenient location like Downloads folder.

Then, click … to open Settings panel, click Extensions and then Load extension button to install the extension you downloaded. Once done, you will see the extension enabled with a warning “from an unknown source”.


It’s time to rock. Open any web page, highlight and right-click on a word or phrase, you will see a new option called “Search with Google” right from the context menu.


Selecting the “Search with Google” option opens a new tab with Google search result page showing up.

A few notes,

1. Since it’s an Extension from an unknown source, Edge will turn it off when it starts with a message showing at the bottom of the screen saying like below. Choose Turn on anyway when it happens.


2. It doesn’t seem to be working when highlighting a link or text you typed in a text box.

3. If the selected text contains a symbol “&” only the text prior to the symbol gets copied over and searched in Google.

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