SEO Bookmarklet to Quickly Review On-Page Optimization

SEO Bookmarklet is a bookmarklet that highlights some of key SEO areas along with a bunch of external tools for other SEO aspects, such as W3C validation, text readability, domain age, etc.


As supposed, go to SEO Bookmarklet webpage, and drag the bookmarklet onto your browser’s bookmark bar to install it.

If the bookmark bar is hidden, copy the code in the textarea to manually create your bookmarklet. It’s also useful for creating the bookmarklet on your iPad or tablet.

Note that there are 2 versions available for installation, a stable version and a Bleeding Edge, aka beta, version. Either one should work but do expect errors or bugs in the beta version.

How it works

When you are on a page that you want to analyse its SEO factors, you can simply click the installed SEO Bookmarklet from the bookmark bar. It opens a window over the page to show you a bunch of key SEO factors as well as links to external SEO tools.

SEO Bookmarklet over EdgeTalk

Click the red “X” button when finished to go back to the site. You basically don’t have to leave the page to get all these SEO-related information.


The SEO Bookmarklet is a great tool for any internet marketer who needs to review web pages for their SEO performance on a daily basis. It works well on all modern browsers, though it requires a bit more work to get it installed on Microsoft Edge.

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