Test Website in Microsoft Edge with Free Windows 10 Virtual Machines

Announced on Microsoft Edge Blog today, Windows 10 virtual machines with Microsoft Edge are now available with the latest updates for download for those web developers who don’t use Windows 10 yet.

To start, go to Download virtual machines page on Microsoft Edge dev website.

First of all, pick the Operating System that will be hosting the virtual machine, Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Second, choose Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 as the type of Virtual machine list.

Then, select the platform that you want to use to run the VM.

For example, if I am on Windows, I have the choice of choosing HyperV, Virtual Box, and VMware.

Edge - download virtual machine to test

Click Download.zip button to start downloading the VM image. The size of the image file is 4.3 GB so it’s going to take a while to get downloaded.

It’s brand new released today so I haven’t got chance to test it out and will update later on when I have more to share.

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