Visualize Sender’s Domain and Favicon in Gmail in Chrome

Want to give your plain Gmail inbox a colorful eye candy to bright your day? Gmail Sender Icons is a small Chrome extension that visualizes the senders using their domain and favicon if applicable so you can easily identify where the emails come from without even looking at the sender’s email address.

Go to the extension’s Chrome Web Store page, click Add to Chrome button and it will be installed momentarily. Once done, refresh your Gmail page and see what happens next.

The favicons and the sender’s domain are visible across Gmail including search results. The sender’s label is applied virtually and the actual labels of the email message are left unchanged.

Behind the scene, the extension uses the Google S2 service to generate the sender’s favicon while the Gmail messages are parsed with the inbox SDK framework. All processes are done locally in Chrome browser and no Gmail data is ever shared or uploaded anywhere. So, rest assured if you are concerned about how the data was processed through the extension.

It’s worth noting that the author of this Chrome extension is Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration, a well-known and cool geek.

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