What’s Snooze in Microsoft Edge and How To Use it?

Windows 10 Build 14926 introduced a new experimental feature in Microsoft Edge browser called Snooze. Joining with other tab context menu options, Snooze is a tab option that provides the end user with a way to set a Cortana reminder on the website/webpage you are visiting.

Right-click on a tab that you want to get reminded later on, and choose Snooze from the context menu.


It opens the Cortana panel asking you to put in a bit details about the reminder, e.g. people, place, or time. Or, you can just type in a name and save the reminder.


Once saved, the reminder will be listed in the Cortana’s Reminders list and is waiting to get its turn to show up as a notification and in Action Center, allowing you to quickly open the site in Microsoft Edge.


This is a pretty nice feature that hasn’t existed in any other browsers until now. People, including myself, often keep tabs open in their web browser indefinitely as a “to do” list and do not close those tabs until the action associated with that website is done. For example, I have about 40 tabs open in Chrome at this moment. If Chrome has a feature that works like Snooze in Edge, I could save a few GBs of RAM on my computer used for keeping these tabs open in Chrome.

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