ZoomIt to Zoom Your Screen with Ease on Windows

If you are a presenter, zooming in or out anywhere on the screen with ease could be a lifesaver. And ZoomIt could be the one for you.

ZoomIt is a screen zoom, annotation, and recording tool for technical presentations that include application demonstrations. It runs quietly in the tray and auto-starts during the startup and works on all versions of Windows. If you use a Pen with a touch screen, you will find it’s even better.

Here are a few ways how you can use it.

When you need to start it, simply press Ctrl + 1 to start Zoom Mode. Then move your mouse to move around your screen to zoom in/out the area you want, or use the mouse middle scroll up and down to zoom in or out more. And when you are done, press Ctrl + 1 again.

Pressing Ctrl + 2 turns your screen into a live whiteboard. You can draw whatever you want on the screen with your Pen or mouse while you are in drawing mode. And if you don’t want to draw on your live screen, press W and it turns into a true whiteboard.

What’s the most intriguing feature of ZoomIt is that you can even use it for screen recording. Press Ctrl + 5, and everything you do afterward will be recorded until you press Ctrl + 5 again, which exits the screencast mode.

And enjoy.

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