Adguard to Block Ads in Microsoft Edge or Any Other Browsers

Microsoft Edge doesn’t come with a native adblock. And since it doesn’t support extensions, it cannot add any extensions that block ads either like Chrome or Firefox. If you are annoyed about the ads and popups that fill the Internet these days and want to block all kinds of ads on Edge, you need to look for something other than a browser extension.

Adgurd is an adblock that works on a network level and is not subject to all limitations in any browsers. Not only does it block ads and tracking requests, but also it protects your computer from malware by filtering out the phishing and malicious websites at the network level. It blocks ads not only on one particular browser but on all browsers as well as all applications you are using on your computer.

The only downside, it’s not completely free. You do get 14-day trial to start with but have to pay over $30 per year if you want to continue.

Getting Adgurd on your computer is easy and straightforward. You download the installation package and install it on your computer.

Adguard - installation

After the installation, you will go through a few initialize configuration steps. By default, the option “Do not block useful ads” is turned on, which means you will still see ads from reputable source such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc. However, you can clear this option if you just plainly don’t want to see any of the ads popping up on your screen.

Adguard - do not block useful ads

Once it’s set and running, it sits quietly in the system tray doing its work without interfering your work at all.

AdGuard - in the system tray

There are also quite a few settings that you can tweak in AdGuard as well, including a Parental Control feature that can be enabled if needed.


Overall, despite the price tag, AdGuard is a very well made software that goes beyond a browser extension to not only block ads but also filters all kinds of phishing and malicious websites to keep your life a lot easier and safer while freely surfing on the internet.

AdGuard has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera so if you like what it does but don’t want to pay over $30 a year for it you may need to wait until Edge supports extensions.

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