How To Disable Comments Site-wide in WordPress

Trying to disable comments in WordPress never seems to be an easy job for me. Often times, I found none of the settings in Discussion Settings meets my simple request, disabling comments site-widely on both Posts and Pages. Yes, disabling comments on individual posts is easy through WordPress but not so much when you want to do so site-wide on a non-blog-type of site. What I always ended up doing is modify the theme files to remove all codes related to comments. While it works relatively good, it’s one of the things I think it should be done without messing around the code.

Disable Comments is a WordPress plugin that allows site administrators to site-widely disable comments on any post type, including posts, pages, attachments, etc.), easily in a single step. No more fiddling around Discussion Settings trying to find the settings that work or messing up with the codes trying to not allow people to leave comments.

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When enabled, it will also disable trackbacks and pingbacks. All comment-related fields will also be disappeared from the Dashboard and cannot be overridden for individual posts.

Configuring it is also easy and straightforward. All you need to do is pick the choices between Everywhere or On certain post types. Yes, you can still enable comments on Posts but disable on Pages. Quite flexible since most of the Pages on Blog-type sites don’t want to be commented.

Disable Comments - options


It’s one of the must-have plugins every site administrator should use to fine tune their WordPress-based website to have a proper and easy-to-do comments setup. If you are struggle with comments settings every time you set up a site, you will be grateful after using Disable Comment.

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