Adobe Flash is Now Paused Automatically in Chrome

While Adobe Flash Player is still an essential part of Chrome as one of the Plugins that comes with the browser, it will no longer be able to play the flash-based rich content automatically on page load after the recent update in Chrome from Google. When you are on a webpage that runs Flash, Chrome will automatically pause the content that is not central to the webpage while still keep the central content like a video in YouTube playing without interruption.

According to Google’s release notes, this behavior will significantly reduces power consumption, allowing you to surf the web longer with battery lasting up to 15% more. But it also helps the internet¬†move towards a Flash-less or free web with more HTLM5-ready content and less relying on a flaw-ridden platform.

The feature kicks in with Chrome 45 update and is enabled by default. If you somehow need to change the default behavior, you can head over to Chrome’s Content Settings¬† and change the Plugins option from “Detect and run important plugin content” to “Run all plugin content”

Chrome Content Settings

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