Use Bing as Your Guitar Tuner and Metronome

Here are 2 cool new features in Bing for everyday musicians.

Never worry about forgetting your tuner again. Bing now provides one right on your phone, tablet, or desktop, that features many of the commonly used tuning settings.

All you need is type “Guitar Tuner” in Bing. And here is what comes.

guitar tuner - Bing - 2015-09-07 23_37_33

You can also change from the Standard tuning to other methods as well, if needed.

guitar tuner - Bing - 2015-09-07 23_39_55

Once you get your Guitar tuned, if you are in practice, let’s also try out the new Metronome to help you stay in rhythm and never miss a beat. Type Metronome in Bing to start.

metronome - Bing - 2015-09-07 23_43_12

You can select predefined Tempos, Beats per minute. Or Tap to set custom tempo to create your own tempo.

Guess who are behind these cool apps in Bing? 2 Summer interns named Cassie and Olivier who also happen to be the music lover wanting to create tools they and their friends would use in their daily lives.

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