Chrome Quick Tip: How To Select Multiple Tabs

Let’s say you want to pin a few tabs in Chrome or drag them out to a new window. Instead of doing them one by one, you can select all tabs you want to pin or move and do them all at once by holding down the Ctrl key and mouse clicking them.

Yes, that’s how it easy is. Holding down the Shift key also works, just like what these two special keys are supposed to do in Windows.

Here is what looks like when only one tab is selected.

Chrome - one tab selected
Chrome – One Tab Selected

And here is what it looks like when 2 tabs are selected.

Chrome - 2 tabs selected
Chrome – Two Tabs Selected

Once you have the tabs selected, you can do quite a few things with them. You can drag and drop them all out of the current window to give them a new window. Or, right-click one of them to bring up the context menu and do a few normal tab operations like Pin, Duplicate, or Close.

Chrome - 2 tabs selected - context menu

It’s going to be quite useful, isn’t it?

Note that the trick seems to be only working in Google Chrome. Both Microsoft Edge and Firefox don’t have the same thing in place at the moment.

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