Send Anywhere – The Simplest Unlimited File Transfer Tool

When it comes to transferring large files, especially from one computer to another at a remote location, Send Anywhere is probably one of the simplest and best solutions out there that you can find on the internet. It’s completely cost-free and account-free, and can transfer files across all different platforms between people or devices with no limitation to the size of the files.

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And because it uses P-2-P technology, files transfers through Send Anywhere between two different devices at different locations don’t get saved to any cloud as a mid-stop before being sent to the destination. It’s quicker, unlimited in sizes, and a bit more secure.

The easiest way to send and receive files is obviously through the web. Both Send and Receive options are available right on the homepage of its website. Click Add files to add files to the send queue so they can be sent all at once. To receive, enter in the 6-digit key you received from the other party or device.

The web app works very well and is sufficient most of the time but if you are sending/receiving files quite frequently, a native client works even better with an additional send/receive option that temporarily stores the files on the cloud for 24 hours. It’s useful in the situation where instant-transfer is unlikely happening.

Send Anywhere - windows client

Send Anywhere supports almost all major platforms available at the moment, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Amazon Kindle. It even offers an API page to allow you to integrate their service into your website. If you have a website that runs WordPress, they even have a plugin for you.

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