Chrome Tip: How To Print Only Selected Content

Printing web page is getting way better than years ago when almost every page you printed either got cut off or looked horribly wrong. While most of the times I am fine with the printout copy of a web page, there are times when I do feel the needs only print the portion of the page I am visiting, either for the sake of saving paper or trying hard to get a perfect layout on the printout.

Luckily enough, Chrome has this feature built-in that lets you only print the selected content rather than the entire page. Here is how you can do it.

First of all, highlight the content on the web page, and pressĀ Ctrl + P to bring up the Print page. Then click More settings to show more print options.

Microsoft Edge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 2015-12-18 23_28_20

Check the Selection only option at the bottom of the Print options section.

Microsoft Edge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - 2015-12-18 23_30_46

Check the Preview to make sure it looks ok and hit theĀ Print button to print.

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