How To Launch Microsoft Edge from Run or Command Prompt

By default, the Edge browser is pinned on the taskbar and can be launched directly from there. It’s also one of the universal apps shown in the Start from the Start menu as well. But, it also can be fired up from the classic Run command box or the Command Prompt window.

To launch Edge from Run command, press Win + R, type in microsoft-edge: and then press Enter.

Run - microsoft-edge

To do so in a Command Prompt window, type

start microsoft-edge:

Command Prompt - Microsoft Edge

You can do the same in PowerShell if it’s your default command-line tool.

To open a website in Edge from Run command box, type the following, using EdgeTalk as an example.


Run - microsoft-edge to open EdgeTalk

And use the following to open EdgeTalk in Edge browser from Command Prompt window.

start microsoft-edge:

Also, you can create a shortcut on your desktop to launch Edge browser if that’s your preferences.

Click Start menu → All apps, scroll down to M section, and use the left mouse button to drag the Edge icon out of the Start menu and drop it onto the desktop.

Edge icon

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