Comparing Websites Loading Speed Visually Side-by-Side with Duoload

Website’s loading speed is a crucial factor not only to search ranking but to the end-user as well. There are many tools that check many aspects of your website to measure how fast or slow it is. But here let me introduce a web app that puts the speed load in perspective by loading two sites simultaneously and visually side-by-side.

Head over to Duoload, put in URLs of two websites or web pages you want to compare and click the big green Go button in the middle to start the show.

Duoload - comparing website speed load

You can watch how the two web pages render and which one of them loads faster another. It will be very helpful if you want to know how your website stands against your competitors. You can even navigate through the pages to see the differences between the pages.

Duoload is a great and useful tool but if you need to get the bottom of what’s dragging the loading speed down, you will need other more comprehensive tools such as Google’s SpeedTest, GTmetrix, or WebPageTest, to name a few.

The website is very basic but you can find all the source code on GitHub so if you are interested, you may download a copy and host it yourself. You can even make more changes and add new features to it if you are a developer.

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