Simple Tip to Free Up Storage Space on iPhone

If you are struggling with the storage space on your iPhone constantly, here is a super simple trick that you can use to free up hundreds of megabytes, if not gigs, of them for your iPhone.

In short, try to rent a movie that requires more space than you have available on your iPhone, iTunes will free up a surprising amount of storage by clearing saved caches in Apple apps.

Here are more detailed steps:

1. Check how much space you have left on your iPhone.

Open Settings app, tap General and About. You will see the available space halfway down the list, make a mental note of this number.

2. Open iTunes Store app, go to the Movies section and look for a very long movie, such as 1963 Feature Cleopatra or any that has the runtime for over 5 hours. The bottom line is, the movie you are renting needs to be larger than the amount of space left on the phone.

3. Tap the Rent button once you find that movie. You won’t actually be charged for the movie you are trying to rent as you won’t have enough space to download it.

It’s just that simple. You will get warning notification indicating that you do not have enough available space to download the content, which also means that iOS has automatically freed up some space already.

You can now go back to the Settings app, General and About page to double check how much space you got back because of this trick.

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