How To Disable about:flags Page in Microsoft Edge

Similar to Chrome, Microsoft Edge also has a flags page full of experimental settings for both developers and savvy users to try out. To access it, just type about:flags in the address bar in Edge and press Enter.


The settings in the Flags page could be interesting and unstable at the same time. If you are an IT guy working in a corporate network, you may want to disable the page on the desktop level so you don’t get calls to support the unstable behavior in Edge because of these experimental settings. And here is how you can do it through Group Policy that can push out to all the workstations in the domain-powered network.

Open Group Policy Editor, navigate to the following location:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge

And then Enable the setting “Prevent access to the about:flags page in Microsoft Edge.”


The  change will kick in after you close and reopen the Edge browser. Here is what you will get next time when the user is trying to access the about:flags page.


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