How To Use the Guest Browsing Mode in Google Chrome

Guest Mode is a private browsing mode Chrome brought over quite a while ago. When you are browsing as a Guest in Chrome, you leave nothing behind. There will be no histories and no cookies saved on the computer when you close out the Guest session.


But wait, doesn’t it sound just like the Incognito mode that lets you browse the internet in private? Well, here is the main difference between two methods. When you are in a Private browsing session like Incognito mode, you still get to access the private information such as bookmarks, browsing histories and saved passwords. But you don’t have access to this information while you are in a Guest session. Simply put, Incognito mode is for yourself while the guest mode is for your friend or colleague who wants to use your computer for the time being.

To enable the Guest browsing mode

Go to Settings page and check the option “Enable Guest browsing” under People.


To use the Guest browsing mode

Click the People icon on the top right Chrome window, then Switch Person.


And then click the Browse as Guest at the bottom of the popup.


If you have enabled Material Design on the User Menu, you will find the Guest option available right in the Switch People box. Just click it to start the Guest browsing session.


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