How To Disable Extension Feature in Microsoft Edge

Browser Extension is a great way to extend the usability of the browser but it also could be a potential usage hog or a security vulnerability if a bad one gets installed for some reason. So in a business network environment, it may be a good idea disabling it from running or installing.

Here is how you can disable Extension feature in Microsoft Edge browser.

Open Group Policy Editor (click Start and type “Group Policy” to find it), and navigate to the following location.

Computer Configuration > Administrative Tempates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge

Local Group Policy Editor - Microsoft Edge

Double-click the setting “Allow Extension” at the right panel, select Disable option, and click OK to save the change.

Group Policy Editor - Microsoft Edge - Allow Extensions - 2016-07-09 22_23_43

The change takes place right away. Now if you open Edge and go to the … menu, you will see the Extension feature is now grayed out.

Edge with extension disabled

Since the change is done through the Group Policy, you can only do so when you are running Windows 10 Pro and above edition. And you can do so through either local group policy editor or a domain controlled group policy in the Active Directory.

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