How To Disable and Manage Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome on Windows

Ever since Google Chrome opened the door to allow websites send notifications to the desktop computer, more and more websites have taken advantage of the opportunity to add the ability to provide users with desktop notifications. While it could be useful for web apps like Slack, it also can make a negative impact on your productivity, especially when you are in the middle of something important.

If you are irritated about the notification from certain websites, here is how you can disable it in Google Chrome.

1. Click the “i” or “Secure” icon in the front of the website address.

2. Hover over the Notifications option and click the little down arrow that pops open three options.

  • Use global default (Ask)
  • Always allow on this site
  • Always block on this site

Google Chrome

Select the last option to block notifications sent from this website but you can turn it back on later by changing to the second option.

Google Chrome also has a specific setting dedicated to controlling how notifications get delivered. Go to Chrome://settings page, scroll down to Privacy and Security section and click Content settings.

Then click Notifications and that’s where you can manage notification settings for the websites you have blocked or allowed to send notifications.

Google Chrome

To block all notifications from Chrome, simply switch the option above the Block list, like below.

Google Chrome


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