How To Read Aloud Website PDF and eBooks in Microsoft Edge

Read aloud is a new feature introduced in Microsoft Edge in the recent build for insiders, which will be ready for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It reads PDF files, eBooks, and even website content out loud to you with one of the pre-designed voices. If you are interested in how it works, read on.


To read aloud PDF files and eBooks

Open the PDF file or ePub book in Microsoft Edge, click the new Read aloud button that shows up in the toolbar.

The Read aloud bar will show up at top of the page with controls like Pause, Next Paragraph, Last Paragraph, and Voice settings. You will see the words being highlighted as the voice reads the content along.

Microsoft Edge

To read aloud website content

Open the web page, right-click on the page and choose Read aloud option from the context menu. The same Read aloud control bar pops up.

Microsoft Edge

Note that you can right-click the word you want the Edge to start reading and choose Read aloud┬áto skip the content that you don’t want to listen.

To change the voice and speed

While in the Read aloud mode with the voice control bar up, click the Voice settings button, from where you can change the read speed and one of the pre-recorded voices, David, Zira, and Mark.

Microsoft Edge - Read Aloud - Voice Settings

5 thoughts on “How To Read Aloud Website PDF and eBooks in Microsoft Edge

    1. I can’t even deactivate it in the first place. It’s a built-in feature that can’t be disabled. Not sure which build you are on right now, maybe, update to the October Update (1809) and see if it’s reactivated?

  1. My documents were reading aloud and they have stopped but now they don’t want to read – I select read aloud and the play button wont work and the rewind and fast forward button are greyed out

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