How To Enable Pin Unlock Feature in Chrome OS

The PIN Unlock feature has been released in developer channel for awhile and finally made its debut in the stable channel of Chrome OS 54. But still, it’s hidden in the Flags as an experimental feature for now.


Enabling the PIN Unlock feature

First of all, make sure your Chrome OS runs on version 54.

Then, head over to chrome://flags/#quick-unlock-pin and enable the Quick Unlock flag.


Click Restart Now button to restart the system.

Once restarted, go to chrome://md-settings/, the new Material Design settings menu, and click Screen lock.


Select PIN or password option and click Set up PIN link.


Type in the PIN twice, and you are all set.


Now, next time when you are on a locked screen you will be prompted by the PIN pad with the option switching to Password, like below.


Note that the PIN pad is only available on the lock screen. You will still only see the Password option when you are on a login screen.

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