How To Remove or Change Default Ctrl+B Keyboard Shortcut Behavior in Vivaldi

I am starting to use Vivaldi browser more and more lately. A beautiful, lightweight browser that has loads of customize features. I like it a lot and don’t have much to complain about except for one thing. It seems to me such a bad idea assigning keyboard shortcut combination Ctrl + B to Bookmarks. Every time I pressed it trying to get a block of text in bold, I got redirected to the Bookmark page that I have no business with.

Here is how you can change it if it annoys you as well.

Click the Vivaldi icon , go to Tools and Settings.


Switch to Keyboard tab on the left, scroll down a little bit on the right until you see the Bookmarks field. Then click the little x icon to remove the keyboard shortcut assigned to the field. Or, press a new combination, like Ctrl + Alt + B to the field.


The change takes effect immediately.

You can always reset back to the default later on by clicking on the Restore Default Keys button at the bottom of the window.


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