How To Enlarge A Small Picture with High Quality

Resizing a small picture to a large scale is never easy. It’s almost impossible to get a reasonable good result using traditional resizing tools. The general suggestion is to get a better and bigger size of the image file to work with. However, if the small version of the picture file is all you have, here is a web app that may be able to help you out.

1. Go to waifu2x website.

2. Click Choose File button to select the small file you want to enlarge.

3. Select a style, whether Artwork or Photo, which doesn’t make a lot of difference.

4. Pick a level the Noise Reduction, from none to Highest.

5. Choose an upscale level, up to 200%.

6. Click Convert button and the new image will be shown in a new tab.


Now let’s check the result. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Original Small Picture
Original Small Picture

Enlarged Picture

Enlarged Picture

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