How To Export Import Bookmarks in HTML Format in Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Having a bookmark file in HTML format has a few benefits. Not only can you use it as a backup file to import to other browsers but you can also open it up directly in any browser and open the sites listed in your bookmarks right from there.

Import/Export bookmarks from/to HTML files in Chrome

Click the three dots icon in Chrome to open up the menu panel, then choose Bookmarks and Bookmark manager.

Or, simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + O.

In Bookmark Manager, click Organize button and select Export bookmarks to HTML file…

The File Dialog box opens up. Select a location and pick a name to save the bookmark file in HTML format.

Now that you have the bookmark file in HTML file, you can open it directly in any browsers and click on the hyperlink of the site and hoop on it right from there.

To import bookmarks from an HTML file, you open Bookmark Manager, click Organizer icon and choose Import bookmarks from HTML file… option.

Import/Export bookmarks in HTML in Microsoft Edge

Click the three-dot menu in Edge browser, and select Settings. Then click Import from another browser button.

Then under Import or export a file section, choose Import from file to import an HTML bookmark file to Edge and Export to file to export the favorites from your Edge browser to an HTML file.

Note that the HTML file exported from Chrome or Edge is compatible with each other, meaning that the file exported from Edge has no problem to be imported to Chrome or vice versa.

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