Chrome Tip: How To Display Tabs While in the Full-Screen Mode

By design, when you are in the full-screen mode in Chrome you don’t get to see the tabs you have open in the browser. But there is a way to get around it.

Tab Revolution is a new Chrome extension developed to just solve this particular need, displaying tabs when in the full-screen mode.

Head over to the extension page in Chrome Web Store, click Add to Chrome button to install it to your Chrome. And you are all set to go.

Now when you are in a tab, press F11 key to go in full-screen mode, and then move your cursor to the top edge of the screen, and the tabs popĀ out right at the top.

Move the cursor away from the top, and the tabs will disappear so you can still enjoy the full-screen mode in the current tab. Switching tabs will also keep the tab you switched to in the same full-screen mode. The only way to get out the full-screen mode is to press F11 again.

Even though the extension is relatively new, it works fairly well. Only one thing to note, though, the new tab page and Chrome extension page don’t seem to work with the extension. When you are on the new tab page and enter to the full-screen mode, the tabs won’t open when you move the cursor to the top. It looks like a bug but is quite trivial.

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